Room Three

Finding Purpose In the Chaos

It has become almost impossible to visualize the future.  Current global events, starting with the despicable COVID-19 pandemic, have shaken the foundations of everything that we used to consider "reality".  Nonetheless, despite the dreadful circumstances, we continue on living, we continue on dreaming, and we continue on thinking that we can build a better future.   How could that be possible?

Watch video to learn how I am preparing myself to tackle the next 21 years of my life.


I am convinced that Art is now more important than ever; It is with the help of art that we will be able to find a positive outcome to the many harsh challenges that we are collectively facing.

The pieces of this section are Autocad renders of projects that I have built or that I am planning on building.  Although I will always do small scale sculptures and paintings, my hope is to spend a great deal of this next period of 21, transforming and improving public and private spaces with art.

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Room Three

As part of this exhibition at the Mexican American Cultural Center, I was also able to install my sculpture "Graceful Celebration of Diversity" at the Zocalo area of the museum in Austin, Texas.  I encourage you to visit it, and use proper social distancing and Covid protocols to enjoy it and possibly take some pictures!  The sculpture can also be accessed through the Lady Bird Lake Bike and Hike trail.


See below a few videos of artists that we feature in the room film; these are some of the many very talented individuals who are living and working in Austin, Texas, making the best out of these very strange times.  

Collaborators for Room Three's Video

Featured Companies and Organizations:

Escobedo Group

Mexican American Cultural Center

Austin's Blanton Museum of Art

West Chelsea Contemporary

Featured Artists:

Casey Alfstad

Steef Crombach

Luis "ULOANG" Angulo

Paul Clarence Oglesby

Patrick Fagerberg


Featured Interview:

  Florencia Bazzano - Assistan Curator of Latin American Art

Austin's Blanton Museum of Art

Also Featured:

  Hector and Consuelo Martos - Ender Martos' parents